Zen Installer 06/22

The New Version of the Zen Installer is available at https://sourceforge.net/projects/revenge-installer/ Changes: Smaller ISO Better keyboard setup Ability to install os-prober Fixed password issue You can report bugs at https://github.com/spookykidmm/zen_installer You can also: Follow me on mastodon at https://social.privacytools.io/@zeninstaller Message me at t.me/spookykidmm Email me at: zeninstaller at tutanota dot com Donate to me at: https://en.liberapay.com/zeninstaller/ or https://paypal.me/zeninstaller?locale.x=en_US

What is Zen?

The Zen Installer is an Arch linux installer. The name has a double meaning. First, all of the dialogs are generated by Zenity. Second, My purpose is to keep you as calm and Zen as possible during the installation. You just choose the options presented from you and sit back and relax while everything is installed exactly the way that you specified If you want to get started with Zen or use the Revenge Repo, a package repo with various aur packages I find interesting, you can start at: sourceforge.net/projects/revenge-installer sourceforge.net/projects/revenge-repo/ gitlab.com/spookykidmm github.com/spookykidmm

Thank you all for joining me!